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El Salvador CelebrationCelebration of 25th Anniversary of Sister Parish Relationship and Other News


If you didn’t make it to the potluck/program on November 17th in the Parish Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sister Parish, here’s what you missed:

  • A great dinner with pupusas made by First Lutheran folks and Sister Parish Executive Director, Carrie Stengel and Board member, Nancy Wiens, plus other delicious food
  • A beautiful song used as our grace – “remembering the bread” – from Beth Holst
  • An interesting program with information from Nancy on how Sister Parish was founded and its mission, and from Carrie on what Sister Parish has meant to folks in El Salvador
  • A slide show with pictures taken of our delegation’s recent visit (in January) and other pictures of the community
  • A compelling excerpt from a documentary called, “Generations in Solidarity” which included interviews from people from Los Ranchos (we hope to see the whole thing soon!)
  • Getting to Skype with Consuelo from Los Ranchos and hearing what’s going on in the community like: Miguel Montez (one of our scholarship students) getting ready to graduate in December and become a teacher; getting ready for the confirmation of around 14 confirmands; hearing about Jose` (who visited us in 2010) who is working hard on the upcoming election and in his job as mayor; (he sends greetings to our church community and all who hosted him); Consuelo relating how she felt a part of our church family and how she likes being able to share with other cultures;
  • Remembering with the Los Ranchos community as they commemorated the 6 Jesuits and 2 women who were killed on November 16, 1989 because of their work for justice for the poor. Presente` (means ‘here’ or ‘present’ – “You are here with us, you are not forgotten, and we continue the struggle in your name.”)
  • Read excerpts from a letter that was written by members of the El Salvadoran Sister Parish board and read by Carrie: El Salvador letter

Read more about the history of this mission relationship: The History of First Lutheran Church and San Antonio Los Ranchos in El Salvador in mission together








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