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One activity of our Friendship Congregation relationship with the Petrozavosk Lutheran Church in Russia has been support of and participation by our members in the East European Mission Network (EEMN)-sponsored Friendship English Language Camps in Petrozavodsk and Kondopoga.   Members have participated in 1997, 2001, 2004-2008, and 2010-2011—consider joining the team for 2013. Read more about previous participation in these camps and how you can join in the ministry …

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Overview of Friendship English Language Camps

The spiritual devastation of the communist era in the Soviet Union will take years to overcome. The Friendship English Language Camps sponsored by EEMN as short-term mission opportunities is one means of accomplishing this: by teaching a biblically-based curriculum using conversational English to youth. Volunteer mission team members participate in two week-long Camps with Russian youth (e.g., primary grades, 5th-8th grade, or 9-11th grade). This is a relational outreach, where you are the “teacher” with a Russian translator; living with a host family adds to the value of the experience. EEMN provides the Camps by invitation of the public schools.

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Lutheran Friendship English Language Camps

Lutheran Camp Singing at Assembly

East European Mission Network has partnered with our sister Lutheran congregation in Petrozavodsk to offer a week of Camp for kids from area Ingrian Lutheran Churches along with public school kids. This is organized by Nadia and Alex Krongolm.   Read more about Nadia and Alex and the value of the camps for bringing youth into her Lutheran church’s ministry programs and kindling the beginning of faith in their lives …

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