Youth Ministry

Nadia and Pastor Alex Krongolm

Support of the Youth Ministry Work of Nadia and Pastor Alex Krongolm

The youth ministry work of Nadia and Alex Krongolm is currently supported by a partnership of several Lutheran churches and organizations, an intentional mission program project called Vision Petrozavodsk.  This work is coordinated through the Northeastern Minnesota Synod ELCA/ELCIR Companion Synod Task Force and East European Mission Network by arrangement with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ingria in Russia.   Nadia serves as Director of Youth and Family Ministry; Alex assumed responsibility as Pastor of the Petrozavosk congregation January 2011.  The future of ELCIR ministry in Russia is critically dependent on young new leaders like Alex and Nadia.

If interested in learning more about their work and about Vision Petrozavodsk and helping support their work, read more about their ministry and download the brochure with more detailed information, or contact Paul or Carol Anderson via the church contact form.

Pastor Alex Krongolm Officiating at Communion Service

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