Jaeckel Organ

First Lutheran Church Jaeckel Organs

View the YouTube video of our new Opus 52 Jaeckel organ being built.  Listen to the glorious sound of a Jaeckel pipe organ.

Fast Tube by Casper

The new organ for First Lutheran Church by Jaeckel, Inc. of Duluth is visually and tonally designed to stimulate the congregation in their present and future music and worship experiences.  Rather than being principally a solo instrument, the organ’s main function is to support and stimulate  everyone’s involvement in worship.

Lutheran worship history has the organ, its literature, and its ability to stimulate singing together as a critical aspect of its existence.  And, just as the music and liturgy of the Lutheran Church need to function contemporarily and in the future, so also the new organ finds its best expression when used in these contexts.

The new organ, because of its design, can involve youth, young families, and all ages equally well.  Young people are tuned into music and readily recognize quality.  The new organ is designed to be satisfying and exciting and its glorious music will inspire and touch people of all ages.

First Lutheran Church Smaller Jaeckel Organ at Easter Worship
First Lutheran Church Opus 52 Organ Being Built in Sanctuary

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