Invitation to Communion

We celebrate communion every week. All are welcome. Communion is by intinction, reach out your open hands to receive the wafer and then dip the wafer into the red wine or the clear grape juice. Adults and children who prefer a blessing are invited to come forward with hands folded. Gluten-free rice communion wafers are available; please inform the server of this preference.


Designing chalices




Holy Communion Instruction

Is your child ready to receive Holy Communion for the first time? Or does your family need a refresher course on what the sacrament of Holy Communion is all about?

Each year during Lent Holy Communion Instruction is offered for those wishing to receive their first communion or those who want to learn more about The Lord’s Table.

1st Communion Chalices
1st Communion Chalices

Students are given their own special chalices that they can design, decorate and the take home as reminders of their first communion.

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