Small Groups

Companions in Christ Discipleship Small Groups: Small Group Experiences in Spiritual Growth

“This is the most powerful faith development experience of my life. It also created relationships of absolute trust which I treasure”  – a FLC member in a men’s group

Men’s and women’s small groups meet weekly or bi-weekly to enrich their faith using  Companions in Christ—A Small Group Experience in Spiritual Formation  as a spiritual formation resource.  Spiritual formation is simply the process by which God forms us into the persons we are meant to be, Christ-like persons.  Discussion is based on the daily short exercises done individually during the week for the topic of that week; the focus is more “transformational” than “informational.”   The goal is to deepen our understanding of our Christian Faith and of how to live in the world as disciples of Christ—to better serve.

Companions in Christ is for spiritually hungry persons who seek a deeper experience of God in company with others in the Christian community. Though not an introductory course in Christianity for new Christians, Companions is a study for church people who want to explore afresh the basic disciplines of faith and the pathways of lifelong growth in Christ. 

Though Companions assumes a basic familiarity with the Bible that one might gain from church school, it is for persons:

  •  who do not feel they have all the answers
  • who are willing to hear scripture in new ways, and
  •  who acknowledge their need to grow in God’s grace.

Interested?  If interested, contact the church office or 728-3668.       

 “I have never been gripped with desire for closeness with Christ as much as I have this past year and a half through the evolution of the CC series…… Through one another we have become sisters and strengthened our understanding of what it means to be a Christ follower…”
    – a FLC member in a women’s group

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